Simulate the nature environment to achieve thermal comfort in a desert environment

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1 Architect, Engineering Construction and Development Company, Master's student, Faculty of Architecture - Ain Shams University

2 Professor of Architecture and Environmental Control, Ain Shams University

3 Lecturer, Department of Architectural Engineering, Ain Shams University



Man has destroyed the natural environment in different ways, and this appeared through the overexploitation of its resources without its ability to regenerate, as well as through the pollutants and wastes that he added to it that caused its destruction and caused an imbalance in its properties. The concern for the environment and its preservation appeared in various fields as an attempt to correct the environmental imbalance and avoid further defects, and for this several environmental trends and methods appeared, and in the architectural field dealing with the environment by drawing inspiration from its original characteristics and simulating its various elements is one of the methods attracting attention to achieve a relationship based on sound principles in the relationship of buildings With the environment, which makes the natural environment a source of inspiration rather than an encroachment on it. The strategies of simulating the natural environment in various architectural applications helped to generate sustainable forms that have their own characteristics that affect the efficiency of the building and provide comfort to its users. The reliance on mechanical systems to reach an internal environment that is thermally comfortable for humans has led to energy depletion in general, and in particular, the desert environment is the most obvious in that, and with the global trend to rationalize energy consumption and preserve the environment, it was necessary to find quick and effective solutions to the problem of that consumption while obtaining At the same time on the thermal comfort requirements of users. The research aims to study and analyze the geometry of living organisms in the desert environment and their behavior in order to apply the same principles as an important tool to achieve thermal comfort, so that the different natural systems in that environment and the different materials and processes in them are identified, and then study the possibility of their architectural application. The desert environment is characterized by the presence of many organisms that have the ability to adapt to the environment and deal with it internally and externally, and many of them have unique strategies in adapting and responding to hot climate variables, especially with regard to avoiding heat gain from outside, and their ability to lose heat, and raise their internal temperature. And protect their bodies with good insulation